How TypeDojo Works?
It’s simple, just keep progressing with every lesson and make sure to test your typing skills timely. Soon, you will find yourself at the top!
Do I have to Sign-up?
Signing up isn’t a compulsion. You don’t need to register yourself on our platform in order to avail TYPEDOJO’s exceptional typing services. However, you can choose to create a profile to maintain and keep track of your progress.
Why Choose TypeDojo For Touch Typing
Typing Games
Improve touch typing with our free games, you will find everything here!
Typing Lessons
We have Typing Lessons for Kids. Also available for everyone whether they are beginners or experts.
Typing Test
Don’t just stop with learning, test your skills by taking our highly challenging yet fun tests.
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Find yourself Speeding up, getting certificates and experiencing much more!

Typing Practice for Kids

With computers and assorted technology becoming a pervasive part of our day-to-day lives, it is easy to see a future where someone will not even be able to use the coffee maker without being able to type. As our children are exposed to this technology at a younger age, typing is becoming a vital life skill that students entering school are expected to come in with.

Our intuitive and engaging program helps kids learn to type properly through fun, topically-themed lessons, designed to teach children typing skills in a progressive method of building blocks, with each stage building off of the last until the child is an expert typist. Our program also works to instill good typing habits from a young age, like ergonomic hand placement, and the avoidance of hunt and peck. With fun, age-appropriate activities, positive reinforcement, and simple, easy to follow guides, Keyboard Games makes typing for kids a breeze.

Through interactive lessons, feedback, and a bright and colorful interface, all that you can monitor and observe, our typing learning program is one of the best in business, promoting fine motor control, and teaching kids a real-world 21st-century job skill along the way.

Aimed at younger learners, our program works to teach not only memorization of key placement, but also appropriate key to finger association, and greater nimble dexterity and is a great addition to any preschool program. By enrolling your child in our program, you are setting them up for long term success in a skill that will be all but required by the end of their elementary years.