About TypeDojo

Welcome to TypeDojo, your one-stop destination of getting equipped with proficient touch typing skills. We founded TypeDojo back in 2016 with an aim of instilling basic as well as advanced touch typing skills in people through creative and engaging lessons and tests. Over the years, our website has undergone several changes, which has allowed us to keep things fresh and safe for our users. We have interesting opportunities for both students as well as teachers right here at TypeDojo. Moreover, it’s a free platform, which means that you can use it and level up your typing skills without emptying your pockets!

A Wide Variety of Fun & Engaging Typing Challenges:

TypeDojo has been going strong since 2016 and over the course of this extensive period, we have prepared an extensive variety of fun challenges that will play a big role in sharpening your touch typing skills.

The reason why our lessons and tests stand out among the rest is because they cater to all typing enthusiasts, regardless of their expertise in the said field.

Moreover, the lessons and tests you come across on TypeDojo are progressive in nature. This means that with every successive lesson, you will notice an improvement in your touch typing skills. We have taken extra care to make sure that our lessons are prepared and arranged in such a way.

You can choose to type articles or play different typing games.

Lastly, our challenges let you gauge your typing speed, accuracy, beats per minute and other relevant metrics.

Performance Tracking:

We encourage you to track your performance as you develop your touch typing skills on our platform. We also issue certificates that include your typing achievements.

Easily Approachable:

One of the main reasons why our users highly recommend TypeDojo is because of how easy it is to reach out to us.

We believe that communication plays a vital part in solving any unprecedented issues. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us in case you have any concerns, queries or face any inconvenience while using our platform.

Moreover, we always welcome feedback as it helps us improve our platform.


For Teachers & Students Alike, TypeDojo Is A One of A Kind Resource!

Whether you’re a beginning typist, a student, or a teacher, TypeDojo offers a world of benefits that you can take advantage of. From free lessons, to interactive games, to promised results, TypeDojo is the most advanced provider of typing lessons that the internet has to offer.

For Teachers

When it’s time to teach your students how to type, nothing is more important than ensuring that they remain engaged with each and every lesson. This is exactly where TypeDojo comes into play!

With our interactive games, our goal setting features, and our custom avatar options, you can keep your students engaged and energized every step of the way. Instantly grade, track, and report on your students’ progress in real time, so that they can see their efforts pay off with each lesson, game, or test.

For Students

Learning how to type can be a daunting task – especially if you’re new to it! That’s why we’ve worked to make touch typing simpler than ever before through exciting and engaging lessons, challenging tests, and interactive games that keep you coming back for more.

Whether you’re looking for typing lessons for your children or for yourself, TypeDojo has lessons available for every skill level. All you have to do is begin!