The Best Techniques to Boost Your Child’s Typing Speed

Having a good typing speed is a necessary skill these days. Most jobs today are done on computers and efficiency is key. Being confident and competent while typing on the computer is a skill that employers are looking for when making hiring decisions. Making sure that your child has these skills is important!

Computers are always needed

Typing speed is very important to employers. Since a computer is running many sophisticated programs, it is important that whoever is operating it is an expert at running the command buttons. Typing speed is important for many jobs, including those in the service industry (where customers are always in a hurry), and also for students (whose curriculum is often computer based now). If a child has not learned to type quickly and accurately, they can find themselves lagging behind their instructors, other students, and eventually their colleagues.

Typing Games

Apart from using software and other creative tactics, one way for a child to learn how to increase their typing speed is to play games online. There are many online games out there that are designed for children and can be an excellent aid in learning to type. Increasing typing speed takes time and practice, and online games will certainly help your children to familiarize themselves with where keys are located on the keyboard which will help them increase their typing speed!

Take a class

Typing lessons are aimed at three things: speed, discipline and accuracy. Of course children have speed, but discipline and accuracy are not usually something they naturally excel at. For children, typing lessons might not sound like a fun thing to do, so how do parents find something that their children will enjoy while also producing results? Typing lessons for kids should be fun.  Many typing programs for children are filled bright colors, music and animation to pique the children’s interest. However, it is the most important that these programs are effective in increasing your child’s typing speed and accuracy. It is up to the parents to ensure that this is happening. Active parental involvement can ensure that children learn to type properly, accurately, and quickly. Spend just 15 minutes a day helping your child with their typing lessons and you will see great results!

Train to accelerate while typing

There are a variety of creative ways for a child to learn how to increase their typing speed. Many children do not have the patience necessary to develop these skills. They prefer to just spend time on the internet browsing and playing games.  This extra practice can definitely help but you also want to use a good typing program to make sure they are learning correct form and learning where the keys are without looking. As they say, practice makes perfect! The more time a child spends on typing, the more their speed will increase.

Benefits of Typing Speed and Accuracy using Typedojo

Unfortunately, most typists care more about their writing speed than their accuracy. They are very proud of how fast they can type, and often compare this with others, but they neglect to consider their accuracy until they notice that what they have written is full of typos.

This can be fixed by memorizing where each key is on the keyboard.  This is done through muscle memory and is called touch typing.  The main advantage of touch typing is that typing can be done without the typist consciously thinking about each keystroke they are making. When you copy text from a source you no longer need to split your attention between the source, the screen and the keyboard. You do not have to interrupt your thinking to scan the keyboard for the right letter or to correct a typo.

While learning to type, you will definitely see a noticeable increase in your speed, but that is only one factor that contributes to a significant increase in productivity. Another factor is your accuracy. It is important that you improve in both of these areas if you want to type well. When you take a writing speed test, it is not enough to only find out your speed. Also pay attention to the number of errors you made. Concentrate on reducing these errors in future tests as well as increasing your speed. Be sure not to sacrifice your typing accuracy for the sake of increasing your typing speed. If you concentrate on improving in both areas, the end result will be an increase in productivity.

Increased speed and accuracy are possible through constant practice. You have to start with the basics and gradually increase to more advanced typing. At first you will make mistakes, like having to correct wrong keystrokes or having look at the keyboard, but you will quickly improve.  Soon you will not have to split your attention between the keyboard and the screen, but will be able to focus your attention solely on the screen making sure your input is correct.

So now you can type accurately, but you wonder how many words per minute you can type. Taking a Typing Test on will let you know your typing speed and accuracy so you can see and measure your improvement! At you can choose from typing articles, jokes and games, original copy, and more. You will be able to see your net speed, gross speed, current speed, accuracy, error beats and beats per minute. After you finish your typing test, you will immediately know your typing speed and accuracy. If you are not satisfied with your typing speed and accuracy, just keep practicing until you see progress! To celebrate your improvement, you will even be able to download and print a free Certificate of Accomplishment from us.