The Best Online Educational Games For Kids

The digital age has transformed almost everything, even the way how kids play nowadays. Gone are the days where kids jump and run around the block playing tag, leapfrog, and hopscotch. Children of this new generation glue themselves to their mobile devices. They love to watch their shows and play online games in their free time. 

Technological advancements are quick, but kids adapt to these changes faster and without any trouble. They are born into an era where everything is finding a way to be digital to keep up with the trends. 

They take their technology with them every hour of the day and even before sleeping to catch those late-night cartoons. Most parents will see this as a hindrance to their education, but this can also be advantageous for their generation.

Kids are fast learners, and with a lot of practice and support from their parents, they’ll learn a ton of skills that they can use to enhance their daily lives in no time. The fantastic idea is to combine learning and fun through online educational games that are readily accessible for your child. 

Here are the best online educational games that are fun and interactive for your child to learn and improve their skills. These sites are also free and readily accessible whenever your child wants to have a fun learning experience.


You can start your kids with reading. This skill is essential as it will help your child develop better as they grow as adults. It is also a requirement for some schools and institutions to accept enrollees who can read or have any reading foundation for them to teach the child. 

Ever notice yourself speaking or reciting the words you read in your mind? Reading and understanding language is closely related because it also prepares them to build their reading comprehension while developing their vocabulary. 

The more they build their foundations of reading and language, the easier it is for them to communicate to the world as they grow older. is an excellent and interactive platform filled with educational games that let your child choose any game they want and have fun reading classes while having their playtime and rest.


Since this new technology age is continuing to progress, most schools and institutions migrate to a more advanced and digital learning approach.  This migration is an excellent opportunity for this new generation of kids to use this as an advantage more inclined to the internet and technological devices.

Even though technology has been progressing fast in recent years, typing skills have been around since the people invented the first typewriter in the late 1800s. Millenniums passed, and typing remains an essential skill, even more so today. 

Children should learn how to type in their early years to adapt and practice the correct typing methods throughout their school years and into their future careers. 

This young age is when they will need to help them build the right base for their typing techniques. This website has easy to comprehend lessons and games perfect for learning how to type. 

Parents can also sign up for their children so that they can monitor their child’s progress in typing and even have them take interactive typing tests that will gauge their child’s typing competency and know what level they can start. 

Not only are they playing, but they are also learning and achieving while taking typing tests. Type Dojo grants a certificate for when a child completes a test. This certificate will surely excite your child and motivate them to continue typing and leaning.


Let’s move on to Maths! If a child struggles with the basic math equations, this may be because they can’t visualize the equation; therefore, they are unable to solve it. If children get the visual stimuli they need, they will understand it more and have the right mindset to develop their skills. 

Another interactive and educational platform that specializes in developing a child’s intelligence and academic abilities is They have various levels and specializations based on your child’s math knowledge and how they can progress to more complicated equations. 

You can help your kid enhance their math-solving capabilities while enjoying the colorful and kid-friendly graphics that will boost their enthusiasm for learning math. Not only will they be playing math games, but they also provide worksheets that can help parents track the progress of their children through these exercises. 

Key Points

The digital age is a fantastic time for your children to learn and become educated through the help of parents like you who want their child to have fun while learning. 

Children need a lot of support when it comes to learning a new set of skills as their brains have not yet fully developed, and with the help of these online educational games, they will be equipped and prepared for their future.