TypeDojo Privacy Policy

We would like to start by thanking you for considering TypeDojo in order to learn Touch Typing. Before you become a part of the TypeDojo family, we would like you to go through our Privacy Policy. Simply stating, we will never make public or sell your private data to anyone. Casual data such as IP address is an exception though and will be made available, but this is where we put a cap on sharing or selling data!

We have formed this privacy policy in order to safeguard your interests and ensure that you enjoy a safe and secure experience on our platform.

Collectible Data:

The information you share while registering on TypeDojo such as username, password and email etc. is collected by us. Your profile is used to keep track of your progress as you learn different typing lessons and take different tests. Therefore, your progress and scores will be collected by us as well.

In case you choose to proceed with TypeDojo without creating an account, we will simply make use of a session cookie to keep track of your performance. However, the collected data in this case will be erased once you leave the website.

TypeDojo has partnered with credible advertising services offered by Google. These services will retrieve data by inserting and studying cookies on your browser, only for the sake of providing you with the right ads.

How is your Information Used?

The data we collect from you is used by us as a type of feedback as it helps us to make the necessary adjustments and improvements in order to provide you with an exquisite experience. Your data is completely safe with us and we do not make it public or sell it to anyone, barring some critical exceptions!

For example, if the state law requires us to share information for an investigation or study, or we land in a situation where we have to defend our services against third party accusations, we will share information with the concerned parties.

Is TypeDojo Completely Secure?

Although we strive on making our platform as safe as it can get, we cannot guarantee you a completely safe surfing experience as literally no data storage or transfer that occurs over the internet is completely secure.

Child Safety Precautions:

We do not allow children under 13 to register on our platform unless they are allowed to proceed by their teacher, parent(s) or legal guardian. We will collect the IP address, ISP identity, browser version as well as the pages they visit while using TypeDojo. In case you are a parent, teacher or legal guardian of a child under 13 and have unknowingly shared personal information with us, simply contact us to resolve this issue.

Can you Trust the Links on Our Website?

Since we have partnered with third party advertising services; you should take extra care before clicking on a link that appears as an ad on our website. We neither take any responsibility for nor control the policies practiced by the third party site that you get taken to upon clicking on the link.

In case you have any confusion regarding our privacy policy, we recommend you to immediately reach out to us. Moreover, TypeDojo’s privacy policy is constantly updated due to varying circumstances. In case our privacy policy is updated, we will make sure to notify you. Moreover, you can make it a practice to check this section of TypeDojo regularly in order to stay aware of any changes made to our privacy policy.


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Whether you’re a beginning typist, a student, or a teacher, TypeDojo offers a world of benefits that you can take advantage of. From free lessons, to interactive games, to promised results, TypeDojo is the most advanced provider of typing lessons that the internet has to offer.

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When it’s time to teach your students how to type, nothing is more important than ensuring that they remain engaged with each and every lesson. This is exactly where TypeDojo comes into play!

With our interactive games, our goal setting features, and our custom avatar options, you can keep your students engaged and energized every step of the way. Instantly grade, track, and report on your students’ progress in real time, so that they can see their efforts pay off with each lesson, game, or test.

For Students

Learning how to type can be a daunting task – especially if you’re new to it! That’s why we’ve worked to make touch typing simpler than ever before through exciting and engaging lessons, challenging tests, and interactive games that keep you coming back for more.

Whether you’re looking for typing lessons for your children or for yourself, TypeDojo has lessons available for every skill level. All you have to do is begin!