English Typing Test - FREE Professional Certificate

Are you ready to take your English typing test? Our free professional certificate is available upon completion of the speed test. You’ll also have the chance to learn new words based on the grade you receive, allowing you to improve your typing abilities over time. Showcase your impressive typing speed and accuracy by earning this valuable certificate! Before taking the test, make sure you are sitting straight with your monitor at a comfortable distance from your eyes. When typing, never look down at the keyboard - place your hands in a comfortable position and get ready to type!
Typing Certificate

Take the English Typing Speed Test & Learn How to Type Faster

For someone who is just starting on using a computer, typing is an important ability. For kids, the more they type easily, the more they can concentrate on what they are working on. Slow typing and correcting typing mistakes move the mind away from what they are trying to accomplish.

To discover how well kids type, they can select any Typing Test online. The test materials are different to suit how long they want the test to be. Typing test includes 60 seconds test to 5 minutes. This is perfect for kids who are just starting to practice typing and kids who are progressively getting better at typing.

The more they use this Typing test, the more easily they can type. After every exam, thorough feedback is sent. It includes the speed numbers, where they slow down, and the sort of mistakes they make. In order to boost their pace, all this information is essential.

Kids can sign up to keep track of their progress. They can save each typing test score, and they can view charts of their progress. It is normal to take the test many times, and with more practice, they can see their typing speed and accuracy increase.

After completing the WPM Typing Test online, they earn a professional certificate, which shows everyone how well they type.


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